Monday, October 12, 2009

The MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time System

So I met with Amy from Medtronic and she showed me the ins and outs of the pager sized pump. She let me hold it, push the buttons and clip it on my belt and pocket to see what it felt like. She showed me how to put the insulin in connect it to the pump. I was able to see a what the infusion set looked and felt like up close and suprisingly it wasn't that big.

So the last thing I go to do was stick the infusion set on top of my skin and connect it to the pum as if I was actually on it and see how the whole thing looked and felt. I was very happy on how it really looked just like a pager!! But I knew that his was going to change my life not be nusance like a real pager is.

At that point I was ready to go! I got all my insurance settled and put my pump on order. I was surpprised when I got it just two days later!! The bad thing was I couldn't do anything but look at it for 2 weeks. My doctor makes all his new pump patients go through a beginner class of carb counting and pump management. It is a 3hr class but well worth it, especially if you don't know how to carb count. Luckily I do so I was able to help others around me if they needed it. We even used my carb to insulin ratio as an example. I would recomend you going to this even if it isn't mandatory, plus you get to play with a pump while you are there. It ISN'T a high pressure sales meeting so don't think of it like that. Lisa, the trainer who lead my meeting, was terrific. She really is there to help, even if you aren't on a pump. I also completed an online pump school, which you can find here, and it really showed me a lot of the things the pump can do and teaches you basic carb counting too. Now I have done all mandatory pre-requisits and have to wait one week for my pump start!