Wednesday, October 14, 2009

T + 1 Day

Its been 24hrs since being on the pump and............I think I really like it!! First thing in the morning was my training with Cathy and it was fantastic! She told Alyssa and I everything we needed to know to get me going and I think doing the pump training helped out a ton! It made all the things she was telling me review for the most part, except for some good stuff that wasn't in the book or training. Thanks Cathy! I really have to thank everyone at Medtronic because they have been wonderful! During the training I learned that Cathy and my sister have actually worked together on JDRF functions so it was good to have a personal connection with her too.

I think the thing that surprised me the most was how long the needle is to insert the silhouette (the place the insulin comes out of). I have to say that the insertion process is very painless, so that was nice. I got all hooked up and was off to work. When I got in I showed it off to a couple of people then went on with my day. Had a normal lunch with 70g of carbs and a BG of 187. So the pump said I want to give you 9.1u of insulin. I thought that was a little off so I looked to see the explanation and it said, 8.7u for food, 2.2u for the correction to get me to my goal of 110 then since i have 1.8u of active insulin still working I'm not going to give you the math works out like this. 8.7+2.2-1.8=9.1u. So I said Ok, do it! It took about a min or so then I heard the beep-beep-beep...telling me it was done.

About 2hrs after lunch I checked my sugars and they were 158 an hour after that 38!!!! This kind of freaked me out b/c I haven't been that low in, well ever! So I drank my juice and rechecked in 15min and was back up to 93 so I felt better. Maybe it was a fluke or something. Then around 2hrs later dropped again! This time to 53, but really doesn't matter? This really scared me a bit because I didn't want this to keep hapening through out the night. So I called Cathy real quick and she told me to eat something with protein to help keep them up. So I made myself a PBJ and sure enough that helped a lot. By dinner I was 127 and feeling great! At bedtime I was 113 and no lows in between. Wheww!!