Friday, October 2, 2009

Decision Time

Well, I made the decision to go on an insulin pump. It only took me 3 years!! It all started when I was 25. I had a good job, decent insurance and great healthcare team. I was finally getting used to the idea of takingmultiple shots a day and didn't have that bad of an A1c. It was hovering around 7. I was pretty proud of myself, then my RPN asked me if I had thought about a pump? I said not really, I thought mostly kids wore those. I was wrong. It is a great thing for kids but people from all ages wears them. So she gave me some pamphlets and I went home and looked them over. The medtronic one caught my eye right away. I called the rep and she wanted me to go attend a class where they talk about their productsand we could holdthem and play with them. I was all about it. So my wife and I went. It was a good experienceand really got me excited to get it. Filled out all the paper work and awaited the call to see how much this was going to cost me.