Friday, October 2, 2009

Money Money Money!!!

I have always liked the Pink Flyod song Money, but some how when I got the price it was going to cost me to get my pump even that couldn't cheer me up. Now I had no idea how much these things cost so when I got my total I was kind of speachless. I had a fairly large deductible, but I was thinking there is no way I was going to hit that. But I did and more!! Medtronic does have a great no intrest payment plan but at the time I was still paying off my wedding and some other things so I decided to hold off. Two years later and my RPN asked me again, "Have you thought about a pump?" I told her the story and that my wife was thinking she wasn't sure about the tubing and she mentioned to me the OmniPod! What a pump without tubes!! Sent me home with a test kit to see how I would like it and said to come back and tell her what I thought. So I did and can I say I was impressed!!