Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No more needles....kind of

So I made this realization yesterday that I will no longer have to carry needles with me. One of the first thing I did to get ready to be on the pump was to transfer to my new tester. I really liked my old tester but the new one sends my sugars automatically to the pump so it just makes since to go to it. Luckily it uses the same test strips, not only that the test strips that came with the tester are the same code as the ones I have now! So after I mixed the two containers into one, I started moving over my lancets and needles. Then it dawned on me, why am I moving over my needles? It was a happy moment. A little later that day I was standing next to Alyssa and put my hand in my pocket and found a cover to a needle. I looked at her and said "Hey! You are going to be soooo happy you wont find these in the washer anymore!" I thought she would really like this idea, but she just rolled her eyes and said you are such a dork. I can't argue with her there, but I know deep down inside she was happy as can be! HAHA!!

Now I can't say I don't have to carry some kind of needle, because it is good to have a syringe near by just in case something goes wrong with the pump I can still get insulin. Let that be the tip of the day, hehe.