Monday, October 12, 2009

My Last Shot!!

So today is the day before my pump start and I am very excited!! Over the weekend I have had to change my Lantus schedule from taking it at dinner to lunch for 2 days then breakfast for 3 days, then I would be off of it totally! I took my last shot of Lantus at 7am this morning, now I don't know what I am going to do with the extra two pens I have! I guess I'll just save them for a rainy day :)

I am sitting here and watching my crazy cat jumping off the walls and it got me thinking I sure hope she doesn't think the tube to my pump isn't a new toy for her! I think she will be ok. Anyways, not only am I done with taking Lantus shots but I am technically done with my Novolog shots too! I know it is possible I could and will probably have to take a shot from a syringe but the day of 3-5 shots a day are over! Tomorrow is a new day and I get to basically start fresh, just like I did 6 years ago.