Monday, October 5, 2009

The Omnipod

The Omnipod system. I first thought what a great idea! No tubes and everything is done from a PDA! Sign me up. I got the test kit home and tried it on. I have to admit, it wasn't that uncomfortable. It was more odd feeling than anything, but I thought I could get used to it. I put on my stomach and wore it for three days. It did itch a little bit and was kind of weird when I forgot about it and happened to scratch my stomach and this thing was there. So after the three days I was pleased and was going to tell my Dr at my next visit what my next steps should be. I got to my Dr and told him that I tried that out and he was pleased but he wanted to show me the Medtronic Paradigm system too. He was telling me the Omnipod isn't that bad of a system for kids or anyone who is reluctant on getting a pump because it is easy to use and easy to hide. So he took me over to another room where they had a computer set up and proceded to login to a web based interface that the Medtronic pump connects with. Now being a tech geek this immediately sparked my interest. He showed me all the graphs and log book features that he or I can go back and review. For example, if I am having an issue getting my sugars under control for a certain time during the day, I can call him up and tell him too look at my logs and see if he can help me out. He will then log into my account and see exactly how many carbs I have eaten, my basel rate and any boulus I gave my self. If I have the continuous glucose meter he can see where my sugars were the whole time. This just blew me away. The Omnipod didn't seem that high tech to me. After my visit I had decided to go back to medtronic and talk to another rep. This time I wanted to test it out and talk one on one. After that visit, I was sold.